Q – How do I start a Group?

A – We make it as easy as possible. To begin, you just need 5 child participants and 2 co-leaders who will facilitate your group. The application process is outlined on our website along with information on how to start setting things up. Check out the Join Us section of our site, which has detailed information on this process. When you are ready, simply fill out the Application and either email or snail mail it to us. There are no fees involved. You may also want to look over our handbooks, which have info on advancements and achievement awards.


Q – How do I get in touch with a group in my community?

A – Go to Find Us. Search for your area on the map. Click on the chapter icon nearest your city for the chapter’s meeting location and contact information. If there isn’t a chapter near you, consider starting one in your city. Find out how here: Join Us


Q – How much does it cost to start a group?

A – There are no registration or startup fee for starting a new group. Once the new group is approved, we will put you in touch with our recommend insurance broker (you can source your own) and we will send you an outline on procedures and rules which you can then use to fit around your community.


Q – Are there dues or yearly fees?

A – No plans for any at this present time. Each group is run independently of each other, so there is no head office or background staff you need to feed


Q – What curriculum do you offer?

A – We currently have our own badge book, but you can also create your own and share them with other groups. 


Q – Are there requirements for meeting frequency?

A – There is no requirement for meeting frequency. Groups tend to meet anything from bi-monthly or weekly. This choice is up to the group leaders and families.


Q – Do you have to register your group with the charity commission?

A – Please check latest advice on the Charity Commissions website but at the time of writing you did not have to register until your income was over £5,000 but we would always recommend running your group in line with charity commission recommendations, you will be surprised how quickly groups and income can grow.


Q – Does UK Navigators  have political ties or associations?

A – No. We do not have an official political stance or association and accept any and all members regardless of political affiliation nor do we link directly to any particular faith or non faith group.