The main focus of UK Navigators is the development of young people by encouraging them to follow a Moral Compass. Put simply, we encourage our members to “do the right thing”.

UK Navigators is based on a movement that began in the USA, where the Boy Scouts of America has for many years carried on an exclusive membership, that disenfranchised many young people and adults. Navigators is an open movement and welcomes all races, religions and genders, but itself follows no stated religious or political path.

Our members get up to a wide range of activities from Bushcraft to Art and Crafts. From Sailing to Abseiling. Limited only by the imagination of our young people and its Adults. Children can obtain a number of badges or rewards designed around them or just elect to try out new experiences.

Each Navigator Group is determined by the needs of their local community and so each group can be operated in a way that works for them. Children can start as soon as they are ready to start school and can continue right through to adult hood contact your local group for more information or why not find out about starting your own group up instead.