UK Navigators

Dover Navigators Up and Running

Dover Navigators has now opened its doors and adds to Navigator coverage in the UK.  As with all other Navigator Groups the sections are open to all without restriction. We look forward to reading more news about Dover Navigators as the Group grows and develops.

Contact details are on the Find Us page.


New Navigators in Newton Abbot

Navigators in Newton Abbot will become fully operational as an independent unit in January 2018.

The Unit has been operating under the auspices of UK Navigators for some months, but will become fully independent in 2018, adding to the growing number of UK Navigator groups around the country.

The Badge Book

3d231a5f-8ada-4fd5-8ed3-da6b879e27a0The UK Navigators have done a fantastic job of creating a new badge book that outlines criteria and level information for more than 30 badges. You will soon be able to order a hard copy of the book through the UK Navigators Store as well as the badges.

Alternatively Click here for a PDF version of the Badge Book.