Our mission is to offer children and their families the opportunity to take part in in an adventurous structured youth group that fits around your local community needs.

Why We Do It

We believe that each community is different,we understand that each area has their own identity and that’s what makes UK Navigators and our groups unique. We feel this is something to celebrate and we understand that the best people to run these groups in order to give the best possible experiences for our children are within their own neighbourhoods.

We love getting to see children grow with confidence and a sense of self-worth as they experience a massive range of new opportunities within their groups. Seeing children take part in impressive community projects, undertaking adventurous international experiences, taking to the skies or tackling white water rapids are just some of the pinnacles of what some of our groups have achieved but it all starts from learning some of the most basic of skills that allows a child to develop along with our Moral Compass.

Navigators ethos is bases on our Own Moral Compass which talks about respect for others, understanding of peoples needs and about developing a knowledge on how we can help protect our environment. Something we are incredibly proud of and something that we look to devlop in all our young people.