Starting Up

If you think that there is a need for a Navigator Group in your area, this page links to as much information as we can give you.

It has to be recognised that Navigators is NOT a large monolithic organisation. It is organically developing and will be grown by people with the interest and enthusiasm to make it happen. There is no fallback position when you run a Navigator Group. UK Navigators has a spupport role but the buck stops with the Group and those who run the Group. What we can try and do at UK Navigators is give you the information that you need to make it happen. We can give guidance, we can point you in the right direction. Our rules are simple – follow the Moral Compass and comply with the law of the land. 

There is a great deal to be said for visiting the Charities Commission website  and reading The Essential Trustee, it is in plain English, with a layman’s guide, followed by a more detailed giide if points need clarification. Understanding this booklet will make managing your Navigator Group much easier.

The following documents will give you the basic requirements that you will need to start a Navigator Group.

Starting A Group – All the basics to get you going


The Essential Trustee – make sure that you know the rules – it is in plain English


The ideal constitution as issued by the Charity Commission


Registering as a Charity – Don’t believe those who say you don’t have to. You should at least register with HMRC to collect Gift Aid


Insurance – You can’t operate without it.


Safeguarding Policy –  A pro forma Safeguarding Policy to keep you on the right track


Equal Opportunities and Anti Bullying Policy – The Equal Opportunities pro forma will satisfy your local authority, isurers and your parents

Volunteer Policy – When applying to some funders, they will want to see your volunteer policy. Make life easy, use this template


Safety Policy – Another pro forma to help you keep things square with funders and local authorities.